Civil Law  
    Law of Persons
    Family Law (Divorce Suits, Custody and Guardianship Suits)
    Law of Inheritance
Law of Obligations  
Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law  
    Enforcement Proceedings with or without judgment
    Postponement of Enforcement and Bankruptcy
    Confiscation-Provisional Attachment
    Law of Enforcement
Administrative Law  
    Administrative Procedures, Expropriation
    Administrative Fines
    Tax Law
Commercial Law  
    Business Organization
    Commercial Transactions
    Companies Law
    Law of Commercial Papers
    Maritime Law
    Insurance Law
Labor Law  
    Business Contracts
    Occupational Health and Safety
    Business Lawsuits
Social Security Law    
Law of Industrial and Intellectual Rights  
    Law of Intellectual and Artworks (Intellectual and Artworks, Authors, Copy Rights, Intellectual Rights, Contracts and Dispositions)
    Law of Patents and Trademarks
Property Ownership and Lease of Properties    
Law of Unfair Competition    
Law of Health and Medication    
Banking and Finance Law    
Energy and Mining Law    
Arbitration and Dispute Resolution    
Law of Conciliation